Thursday, 11 March 2010

these two weeks 26th february- 10th March

Right. Monday before last- went to Ham House to familiarize ourselves with Ham House once again. Very beneficial as realized size of grass squares. Then had meeting in The Fox and Duck pub, which was so relaxed and was nice to socialize with group outside university. Then had some food which Pretti and Tai arranged for us. The Thai food was lovely and greatly appreciated.

Then on Tuesday we had design meeting in the S.U. writing up worksheets for costumes and props made accompanied with a pint of cider and black. Students til we die!! Then in evening I went to bell ringing in All Hallows church in Twickenham and I get vertigo so climbing ladders and the spiral staircase was a scary experience. Not as scary as the tower swaying when the bell ringing was taking place. I didn't realize the complexity and concentration needed for bell ringing and am very grateful as I learnt a lot about the art. When I had a go, it was hilarious, I could not get hang of it. I was scared I wouldn't let go and go up with the bell but thankfully I succeeded in the end.

This week I've re-emailed my Kingston schools hoping they'll get into gear and express their interest and e-mail back. Did have 4 schools reply, which is positive when I said "there is a limited number". It can be so frustrating trying to get people interested. Feel like banging my head against a brick wall.

Trying to get in touch with drag queens due to Mark's comment about there needing to be more comedy quirky acts but this is proving difficult as know how much drag queens earn at a gig and they will want to be paid otherwise they won't do it. But shall keep on trying my hardest believe me.

I'm going to ring all Kingston schools who have not got back to me by today tomorrow and try to get them interested.

I'm also DSMing at my local theatre Questors in Sweeney Todd the musical. Its fun and a great experience as that is the career I want to do. It's all been a bit of a blur the past two weeks. Sweney Todd and D.I.C. have taken over my life but I can deal with it.

On the design side, not much has been happening really due to hectic schedules. As I said we wrote out how to make everything and thats it as far as I can remember as we didn't have a meeting this week. I'm trying to find a job for next yesr as well as stage management experience so I am reading a lot and doing a lot of research.

We made flowers successfully last Thursday.

Got a very hectic schedule for the next few months that I'm getting used to but determined to get my work done on time successfully and be a successful DSM. A case of balancing university work, pleasure and socializing and questors voluntary work experience which is scary but exciting.