Monday, 12 April 2010

11th March- 12th April

Been busy with university work- forgotten to keep up to date with blog so apologies.

1) Mexican night
Came in at 10 and made decorations that were pinyatas, cacti, Mexican men,Mexican flags etc for SU night.
After we finished we had a pint and admired art work.
At 8 we were all in SU on the door or having a good time. A very successful night led by Jennie and Jade and made a profit.

2) Changes
Now made changes to the parade making it a story so the design team are a bit stuck with ideas - have stopped making stuff until we know story which is annoying but been making face moulds for masks so half the classes in the workshops can make masks and made things for Mexican Night. Also the design team are going to lead the making day, Saturday 22nd May.

3) Morris Dancers
Me, Charlotte, Zoe and Emily went to Kingston to see Morris dancers. So fun. Took part in trying to morris dance. The morris dancers showed a fertility dance to me and Zoe, which was filmed!!

4) Contacts
Keep trying to meet up with my contacts but the ones who responded say they'll get in touch after Easter.

5) Ham House Easter Event
Me, Siobhan and Zoe went to Ham House to facepaint and to hand out flyers for big event. I wasn't going to facepaint as didn't want to destroy kid's faces or get it on clothes so gave out the flyers and Gary gave us an Easter Egg when we had finished. It was a busy but relaxing fun day to be had by all.

The design team decided not to make our things in workshops, as people didn't turn up. We also needed a kick up the bum to pursue with our contacts in the meeting with Mark.

7) Feelings
I feel pleased with project. Ok, got a lot of work to do but we've got this project off the ground and brought it to life due to hard work. Much more relaxed than a couple of weeks ago. I feel like we are on top of project and it could be a great success.