Wednesday, 28 October 2009

23rd October 2009

Interesting talk on filming at Ham House by Harvey Edgington.
Went to filming cupboard to see what available to protect various pieces of furniture if filming in house.
Found out what needed protection.
Went into Great Hall to see what needed protection there if filming.
Asked about using films and techniques including smoke in house.
Listened and observed people's storytelling pieces.
Performed own story telling pieces.


Story telling piece was a success - hope so. Was for adults really and not children.
Would really like to use film as method of production in DIC projects in future.
Think we've got some great ideas. Ben's story of ill tempered snowman come to mind but are lots of successful stories. It's just a case of dramatizing them.


Had an idea of theme based rooms - three rooms, three things or more to do with Christmas.Think that would be quite successful. What do you all think?
Really like idea of combining live theatre and recorded clips - would be eye catching, draw audience in. What do you all think?

Monday, 19 October 2009

what we did in lesson 16/10/09

An interesting talk about history of National Trust.
Garden Tour - beautiful, obviously hard to maintain.
Watched performance of "The Owl and The Pussy Cat". Zoe and Jennie gone to a lot of effort. Had used and made props. Used costumes - good example. Very impressive and effective story telling method especially for children.


Should be coming up with ideas but despite trying can't think of many at the moment. Don't know why. I feel like I'm lazy and letting the group down but my brain is just a blank and I try to add on to other people's ideas.
Also feel like we have been given so much to do in so little time that we need to get started soon otherwise will not have a performance ready so I feel like we've got to start working.


Thought of using forum theatre getting the children and adults involved so part of the action and not get bored.
Also adapting fairy tales to make them modern and Christmas like.
Should use props and costumes as visually attractive.
Really want to use the gardens in summer when its warmer and create some physical theatre for audience as felt inspired by Paul's version of 4:48 Psychosis.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

what we did in lesson 9th October 2009

Given lot of e-mails - work offers with different communities- very exciting.
Chose company manager and deputy .
Toured whole of Ham House. Differences between servant's quarters and aristocracy's parts interesting. Also finding out more about house's history.
Good and worthwhile to be able to assess and evaluate tours.
Discussed possibilities within christmas event- i.e. what going to do.

Ham House - bit overwhelming but good to know everything about house because of Christmas project.
Very excited but calm about Christmas project and reminiscence theatre.
Feel know what I've got to do in terms of process of creating Christmas project

Power of Yes really made me angry as I finally understood the financial situation we are in due to my dad explaining it because for someone who doesn't understand first thing about finance it may as well be alien to me.
Thorpe Park inspires me as I'm working at Thorpe Park for fright nights - inspired by hard work and creativity and organisation that goes into the making and running of these events by all entertainments team.
University lectures especially Playback as would use our senses to create physical performances.

The Power of Yes

‘The Power of Yes’ - David Hare – a few notes
(seen at The National Theatre’- 8th October 2009)


Powerful, eco-political drama about causes, events and consequences of so called ‘Credit Crunch’ that ended in the recent downfall or near downfall of capitalism. Hare explains how over lending of banks to customers unable to repay loans resulted in banks being without money to further finance businesses and would-be home buyers. This further led to economic recession and rise in business bankruptcy and unemployment.

Hare points finger at greedy, arrogant bankers like Fred Goodwin of Royal Bank of Scotland but also at the government for failing to regulate banks. Play uses views of key bankers, academics and financial journalists to reveal facts of this colossal failure of banking system.


Hare writes himself into the play as a researcher directing questions to key financiers, government officials at the Financial Services Association as well as academics, to unfold the facts of the collapse of banking system. No dialogue between characters and all information comes from Hare’s interviews with these key characters. This is a very efficient and effective way of sharing the information with audience.

Economic and financial jargon unavoidable but certain terms such as sub-prime markets were explained at key points in story. Use of graphics revealing names of ‘Northern Rock’ and photos of Goodwin and others, assisted in conveying the potentially difficult subject matter to audience.


1) Arrogant, greedy and incompetent bankers have got a lot to answer for
2) National government and departments such as FSA also to blame for lack of regulation
3) Markets can fail and innocent people not bankers pay price

without interval too long
2) Dialogue too hard to follow. People without background understanding of financial economics might find difficult to grasp

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

2nd October 2009- what we did in lecture

what we did in lecture

Ham House Georg gave us House's history.
Discussed Christmas events and open days.
Thought about what, when, how, how long etc.
Georg said would accept all suggestions - nice he's so open.
Told to go away and think about project ideas.
Thought of lots of communities, different types and how we came to be in them.
Toured gardens- each group focused on a specific spot, which interested them. Improvised and observed history of Ham House scenarios. Fun seeing house for first time.

No idea where to start but have lots of random ideas for Christmas project,
Started to think about communities and different types.
Feel really happy with this course but worried because seems a lot of work.
Today assessment was made much clearer.
Feel bit stuck whereto start ideas process as don't want to make a fool of myself on Friday by just saying all these non- connected ideas.


Not been to Ham House before - was taken in by magnificence and size.

Inspired by a lot of my university lectures this week.

Last week's physical approaches to playtext had a huge impact - introduced me to new form of creating physical theatre, playback. Allowed me to go through happiness and sadness at the same time.

Musical lecture amazing - I found out so many things about many musicals that I didn't know before and great presentations !!!!

25th September 2009- what we did in the first lecture

lecture description

Discussed Ham House partnership.
Looked over the course outline and what we're doing this semester.
Discussed practical assessment plus blogs and best way to do them. Argghhh!!!! I'm so scared - haven't done before.
Ensured knew everything about professional blogs - seems hard work!!!
Looked at different ways and areas of assessment in practical and written category.


Really excited about course - lots of different opportunities.#
But lot of work so I'm getting started now.
Scared to start blog as don't know what to write.
Felt today my brain would explode - so much information to be absorbed and taken in - not good!!
Realised lots of ways to be assessed but all seemed a bit vague at first.
Could achieve lot of new things I've not tried before so I am looking forward to it.
Really happy with everyone in class. Work really well together and are very close.


Read a lot of plays this week.Sarah Kane's Blasted had most impact - horrific and quite disgusting.
4:48 Sarah Kane's Psychosis had impact - deemed her suicide play as her last.
Been working in my community theatre for past 3 weeks. Good to know length people will go to volunteering. Felt great experience meeting different talented people and learning different skills.