Tuesday, 13 October 2009

what we did in lesson 9th October 2009

Given lot of e-mails - work offers with different communities- very exciting.
Chose company manager and deputy .
Toured whole of Ham House. Differences between servant's quarters and aristocracy's parts interesting. Also finding out more about house's history.
Good and worthwhile to be able to assess and evaluate tours.
Discussed possibilities within christmas event- i.e. what going to do.

Ham House - bit overwhelming but good to know everything about house because of Christmas project.
Very excited but calm about Christmas project and reminiscence theatre.
Feel know what I've got to do in terms of process of creating Christmas project

Power of Yes really made me angry as I finally understood the financial situation we are in due to my dad explaining it because for someone who doesn't understand first thing about finance it may as well be alien to me.
Thorpe Park inspires me as I'm working at Thorpe Park for fright nights - inspired by hard work and creativity and organisation that goes into the making and running of these events by all entertainments team.
University lectures especially Playback as would use our senses to create physical performances.


  1. I can see you have loads of ideas Sarah, but I still don't know what they are. Maybe you could add a section of IDEAS to your blog structure? It is very nice the way you open yourself with your feelings.

  2. yes I will do that from this week onwwards