Wednesday, 7 October 2009

2nd October 2009- what we did in lecture

what we did in lecture

Ham House Georg gave us House's history.
Discussed Christmas events and open days.
Thought about what, when, how, how long etc.
Georg said would accept all suggestions - nice he's so open.
Told to go away and think about project ideas.
Thought of lots of communities, different types and how we came to be in them.
Toured gardens- each group focused on a specific spot, which interested them. Improvised and observed history of Ham House scenarios. Fun seeing house for first time.

No idea where to start but have lots of random ideas for Christmas project,
Started to think about communities and different types.
Feel really happy with this course but worried because seems a lot of work.
Today assessment was made much clearer.
Feel bit stuck whereto start ideas process as don't want to make a fool of myself on Friday by just saying all these non- connected ideas.


Not been to Ham House before - was taken in by magnificence and size.

Inspired by a lot of my university lectures this week.

Last week's physical approaches to playtext had a huge impact - introduced me to new form of creating physical theatre, playback. Allowed me to go through happiness and sadness at the same time.

Musical lecture amazing - I found out so many things about many musicals that I didn't know before and great presentations !!!!

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  1. Good work Sarah. Please try not to worry about having strange ideas. The stranger the better often and we work in a creative industry, where our imaginations are our most important resource. Nothing is 'foolish.'