Wednesday, 7 October 2009

25th September 2009- what we did in the first lecture

lecture description

Discussed Ham House partnership.
Looked over the course outline and what we're doing this semester.
Discussed practical assessment plus blogs and best way to do them. Argghhh!!!! I'm so scared - haven't done before.
Ensured knew everything about professional blogs - seems hard work!!!
Looked at different ways and areas of assessment in practical and written category.


Really excited about course - lots of different opportunities.#
But lot of work so I'm getting started now.
Scared to start blog as don't know what to write.
Felt today my brain would explode - so much information to be absorbed and taken in - not good!!
Realised lots of ways to be assessed but all seemed a bit vague at first.
Could achieve lot of new things I've not tried before so I am looking forward to it.
Really happy with everyone in class. Work really well together and are very close.


Read a lot of plays this week.Sarah Kane's Blasted had most impact - horrific and quite disgusting.
4:48 Sarah Kane's Psychosis had impact - deemed her suicide play as her last.
Been working in my community theatre for past 3 weeks. Good to know length people will go to volunteering. Felt great experience meeting different talented people and learning different skills.

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  1. Sarah. This is a fantastic way to blog. By organising your thoughts you really give the reader an insight into how you're reacting to the many different ideas that are coming your way. It'll also help you to track your own progress. Really pleased you're up and running so quickly.