Wednesday, 28 October 2009

23rd October 2009

Interesting talk on filming at Ham House by Harvey Edgington.
Went to filming cupboard to see what available to protect various pieces of furniture if filming in house.
Found out what needed protection.
Went into Great Hall to see what needed protection there if filming.
Asked about using films and techniques including smoke in house.
Listened and observed people's storytelling pieces.
Performed own story telling pieces.


Story telling piece was a success - hope so. Was for adults really and not children.
Would really like to use film as method of production in DIC projects in future.
Think we've got some great ideas. Ben's story of ill tempered snowman come to mind but are lots of successful stories. It's just a case of dramatizing them.


Had an idea of theme based rooms - three rooms, three things or more to do with Christmas.Think that would be quite successful. What do you all think?
Really like idea of combining live theatre and recorded clips - would be eye catching, draw audience in. What do you all think?

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