Monday, 19 October 2009

what we did in lesson 16/10/09

An interesting talk about history of National Trust.
Garden Tour - beautiful, obviously hard to maintain.
Watched performance of "The Owl and The Pussy Cat". Zoe and Jennie gone to a lot of effort. Had used and made props. Used costumes - good example. Very impressive and effective story telling method especially for children.


Should be coming up with ideas but despite trying can't think of many at the moment. Don't know why. I feel like I'm lazy and letting the group down but my brain is just a blank and I try to add on to other people's ideas.
Also feel like we have been given so much to do in so little time that we need to get started soon otherwise will not have a performance ready so I feel like we've got to start working.


Thought of using forum theatre getting the children and adults involved so part of the action and not get bored.
Also adapting fairy tales to make them modern and Christmas like.
Should use props and costumes as visually attractive.
Really want to use the gardens in summer when its warmer and create some physical theatre for audience as felt inspired by Paul's version of 4:48 Psychosis.

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