Thursday, 25 February 2010

8th Feb-25th Feb

Ok just want to get this out of the way before start.
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so stressed and tired because of many problems but going to calm down, even though I feel frustrated, low and worried I'll write my blog in a sensible format.

These two weeks have been ok in fact that I'm starting to get replies from Kingston schools. In the process of arranging a meeting with the teachers. Two Thursdays ago the whole group made masks successfully but we didn't have all the materials to make group's masks look interesting which was disheartening but I suppose it was just ideas we passed on. Found it really easy to teach the class how to make masks and really enjoyed the process.

We've had various productive meetings with Tina, made and discussed things including masks, flowers and hats. It's a fun lesson. I genuinely get on with the d.i.c. group and Tina is a star because I appreciate her time and help she gives!We are going to make face moulds for the 1 successful type of mask on Tuesday so we can take that into schools.

Other teams have been hard at work. Fund raising is successful and house liaison team and events coordination are working on presentation for the 4th March. Basically a plan of what's happening on day and estimated numbers. The events liaison team feed back from all our questions to Gary and Jorge, the Ham House managers, which is helpful. I don't think we've realised amount of people we'll be dealing with and timing issues arose in meeting. I'm disappointed by commitment of certain people. I know people have reason for not being in meetings, but it seems to be the same people on the ball time after time again and its not fair.

For example last Thursday was a poor turn out and we didn't have meetings/workshops. I understand as people went home for reading week. On Monday there was a poor turn out so I beg people to make these meetings- we need you there. I've got DSM work in Questors for work experience purposes which I'm excited about so it's going to be busy for me again but I prefer to be kept on my toes rather than doing nothing. Anyways I need to e-mail schools and make flowers in the workshop today xx

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  1. sarah have some chocolate that will de-stress you !