Wednesday, 2 December 2009



We did a dress rehearsal of our story telling pieces and gave feedback. We saw all the stories in their rooms and we were all in our costumes. I found everyone's stories to be very impressive as everyone has a different way of telling stories that they brought to the dress rehearsal.


I felt really bad as if I'd let my group down by forgetting my story because I let my nerves overtake me and I know and will rehearse thoroughly so I'm not crap on Friday.


Siobhan and Megan's musical presentation was impressive with the use of puppets. Also today we had workshops at the London Colliseum on many things including stage management and lighting which is what I want to do as a career in the future so I found it useful, impressive and very informative. Eyndia's talk on PR was really inspiring as it made me learn about social media and all these things I didn't know about.

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