Wednesday, 25 November 2009


We played keeper of the keys. This is a game where there is one person blindfolded in the middle with a set of keys placed beneath them and someone has to quietly walk around the circle and then try to grab the keys. The keeper has to try to detect and point out where they are based on hearing- was very hard. We also played wink murder and monster. We focused on characterisation as we asked questions to ourselves based on our character to do with scenery and surrounding, age, name, mood etc.. We then practiced the stories ourselves trying to perfect our charaterisation and put an apt voice to our character. We then got into pairs and directed and acted and listened to our stories. We focused on bringing the character and story to life and trying to make it as interesting as possible. We then did hotseating for the Q and A group who have Mrs Claus and Nicky Claus and we asked a range of questions from childish to adult. I found it so funny and successful as they stayed in character throughout the piece.

I feel a bit concerned about the face painting because I can do face painting but are we going to practice? Are there any themes? I am happy to say that I finally feel confident about my made up stories.

The Lion King lecture on Monday was really interesting to dance, sing and act. It made me even more want to become a stage manager on a show like this as I know it would be challenging but it is my dream job.

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