Wednesday, 18 November 2009



We played games such as the A...B...C... game where in pairs you start a conversation beginning with the letter A. Then every sentence you go through the alphabet. The game was better and more interesting if one acted out the situations and didn't think solely about it. We played the atmosphere game where two people went out the room and we picked an emotion and tried to make them feel that emotion through our visceral subtle responses.

We then took our plays and read them to someone and to groups. We then decided to choose one story we liked and the story teller of that particular story. The story tellers created characters suitable for the role of the narrators and invited us i to their atmosphere they had created and told their stories in character like we would be doing at christmas in the house. We went from one person to another person and I found this method of story telling very effective and made me feel child-like.


I've felt I've chosen a complex story and don't know if I'll be able to learn it. There is so much work in for the next few weeks. Stress....stress...stress. Aaaarrggghhh!!!!!!!!!! Although I do feel very excited about Ham House as the days draw nearer.


I would really like to invite people into the house in character. For example maids as in mine, Chantelle's and Karina's performance. It would make the house feel alive and we can add a sense of comedy to it.
I also would like to have a variety of stories so we can pick and choose which ones we like.

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