Wednesday, 18 November 2009



This was another lesson we organized ourselves. We started again by playing games such as Prisoner .v. Guard which is based on quick reflex actions as you've got to get away from the chairs that are positioned in a circle before the guards who are standing behind the chairs touch you. This was a fun start to the lesson. We then did a vocal warm up which consisted of siren sounds and tongue twisters. This made me feel like I was ready to perform my piece. We then got into pairs and listened to each other's stories which we had been told to learn. I was the actor being directed. I was told to live the part and really empathize with my character. I found this a very effective way to rehearse as it was not so nerve wracking. We then observed people perform their different stories. I was very impressed with the characterisation and effort of the stories of people. It made me feel very hopeful. As for Frank- what can I say. What a talented person. He was so helpful and he gave me tips on how to perform and tell stories through his body language and vocal tones.

I've found it really hard to learn my story and I feel I stutter and stumble and am not confident with myself reading my story as I don't know it well enough and believe me I've tried so hard and I will keep trying because I'm no slacker and would like to tell my story. I'm stressed and excited at the same time because of the time issues and the Christmas events at Ham House.

I stutter and stumble and am a nervous wreck when reading out my story so I've got an idea that my story would sound better coming from someone who is more confident. This is not me being lazy. It's a case of my memory being overloaded. I'm going to write a magical story so it would be easy to remember as I've written it. What do people think anyways?

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