Wednesday, 13 January 2010

20th December 2009

Into the Hoods

On Sunday I went to the Southbank Centre to see Into the Hoods which is classed as hip hop theatre. The plot is based on all different fairy tales but they have been put into the modern day, i.e. MC Rapunzel and Lil Red. The hip hop dancing was impressive but I don't know why but I expected an outstanding quality and it didn't come up to my expectations. The people had obviously rehearsed and I couldn't fault the dancing but the storyline didn't seem to flow and the plot seemed quite stilted and wooden. As for the acting, well that was bad but they were focusing on the dancing. It was very interesting to note that they only used recorded music and voices and not any live music or live voices. The set and technology was very complex with projections and moving pieces of scenery and projections of writing coming up as the character is writing it. It did have an impact on me but I wouldn't go back.

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